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My Wayy

Joe Foster | Contributor

Recently Aurora Central High School has taken their musical arts education up a notch by providing opportunity for students to take their musical investment into their own hands by offering deeper education around, voice craft, instrumentality , and so much more. On this particularly day, students were examining the social effect of Nina Simone’s civil rights music and putting in studio time. During this time, a teenaged rhyme slayer named Joe had somethings to get off his chest. Here he shows us how he takes on his world one bar at a time.

My name is Joe Foster.

I am 16 and am in 11th grade at Aurora Central High School.

I am pretty optimistic and I care about the purpose I have and how much it influences people.

As an emcee I go by Joey Wayy, I put a lot of work into my craft and hope to make my friends and myself rich while maintaining a streak of good music.

To me Hip Hop is a way to free your mind.

Growing up it was always around me. From my Dad playing it, to it basically being on everywhere, so I just got stuck on to it.

I’m the type of person who talks a lot and eventually I just started rhyming. Being an AP English student, I understand language well. Writing rhymes and freestyling has always came easy to me. People want me to take it more serious.

What I love about Hip Hop is the fact that you can express yourself and it can be therapy.


I see myself as kind of both a Lyricist and a Rapper in one. I can make catchy hooks while putting together clever lyrics at the same time.

I draw influences from Drake, Polo G, & Jay Critch.

I want my impact to be felt in the way that people feel my music and become aware of my talent.

What’s frustrating about it is anybody thinks they can make it. Even folks who don’t care or have any passion.

Peep this sample of Joey Wayy in action as he lays down a verse in sequence he calls “Pain”


I guess that yall can get it

My moms was off the drugs 

My dad was locked in prison

Just another n****a in the system

I was used to him in jail

But dis s*** just hit me different

I was prayin every night 

But I didn’t think dat god would listen

No momma by my side

So I didn’t know how to treat women

Try to tell people my story

Dey would act like I was kiddin 

No siblings by my side

I was the only n***a swimming

And I was swimming down in that deep

Dem Demons was in my ear and 

I could feel they every peep

I was only in 6th grade 

I was stressed and losing sleep 

My heart was gettin colder 

I was lookin out for the heat 

Den I started losing hope 

I didn’t know what I could be 

Den dis flow just hit my body 

I could hear it on these beats


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