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    Submit on a Student’s Behalf

    Email submissions to Please see below for our submission guidelines.

    Please include the following with your submission:

    • Your Name
    • Student’s name
    • Grade level
    • School
    • Any other information pertaining to the student or submission

    Submission Guidelines

    • We only accept submissions from students within the Aurora Public School District.
    • Poems and short stories: All submissions must be double-spaced. Please use the Submission Box below to copy and paste your story and hit submit! If you prefer to upload an attachment, it must be a Microsoft Word document, and font should be size 12 and either Times New Roman, Arial or Helvetica. Please include a heading with your first and last name, grade level, and school.
    • Photographs and artwork: All photography and artwork must be submitted in a JPEG format or PDF. Please use the “Attachment” function on the Submission Box below.
    • Music: If you would like to submit a musical piece, please upload it to the “Attachment” function on the Submission Box. The file should be a .MP3.
    • Film: Upload your film to the “Attachment” function of the Submission Box in a standard format or paste the YouTube or Vimeo link inside the box.
    • We do not accept submissions that include expletives, sexual content, or hate speech (hate speech defined as language that attacks a person or group for attributes such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, or disability). A Story is a program that operates in cooperation with the Aurora Public School District, and we ask all those who submit stories to act appropriately and respectfully.
    • If you would prefer to email the submission, please send it to in the proper format, and include the student’s name, grade level, and school. Feel free to include any other information pertaining to the student or submission.
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