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My Vantage

PEter VO | Contributor

Photos as we know it, tell stories. In today’s world, it’s a universal medium that doesn’t require language to understand. It’s a medium that extrapolates feelings and thoughts of human nature within this earthly world. But with so many images surfacing around, it’s hard to define good stories. In the 21st century, photo-based art comes from unique authenticity. To create art, you have to love the story you’re telling and tell it with as much purity as you can. That’s what photography is to me. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s a means to make a mark on this world and that’s why I’m so deeply in love with photography. Photography is a place where I can truly express myself, – without any boundaries – and with this, stories of the world.

My dear friend Donovan and I were on a photo shoot; however, the sun began to set in the horizon so we pulled over. I took out my camera got out of the car and started taking pictures. She stuck her head out at the perfect angle, looking straight down the barrel of the lens. Everything fell in place. It’s one of my favorite moments, shared with an amazing person.

A photo that I hold close to my fragile heart. My sister and mother have supported me tremendously throughout my life. My family is the reason that I am who I am today, and have inspired me to push my creative boundaries as an artist, but also a person.

During my summer program with the School of The New York Times, I was on a portraiture assignment. I reluctantly asked a man on the street if I could take a picture of him. His name was, Mike. He was a Chef at the restaurant he was standing in front of. As I told him to pose, something caught his eye. He looked far into the distance, drowning in sincerity – I snapped the moment and didn’t realize the picture I got until I was back editing that night.

During the last day of school, my friend Steven and I did some “exploration” in a field. After many tries, we got a photo that seemed to fit the frame perfectly. Technically, it was one of the most challenging photos I’ve ever taken.

The sun stooped down low on the horizon. As the clouds formed towards me, there was a sliver of sky between the mountain peaks and the looming clouds. This picture reminded me of how extraordinary the world was. The city right before my eyes, but just in the distance, gorgeous, soft glowing peaks illuminated the dusk – a moment I’ll never forget.

This photo was taken by Cole Sprouse. He’s a photographer that has inspired me to do better in this world. His photographs speak multitudes of meanings to me and this photo captured such a simple scene. But this scene in itself, spoke so much. The light rays through the trees were perfect, the warm atmospheric tones, the hazy air, it was perfect. This is one of my favorite photographs in the whole world.

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