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A group of middle schoolers set out to take down hate.

In an era of time when our environments are at a divisive standstill, we look towards the students at Mrachek Middle School to remind us all of our responsibility to each other. These bold regulators took an oath in training from the Anti-Defamation League to be liaisons of change, steering their school to being A Place With No Hate. Here are their voices.

I am for the people.

Georgia Bonsu

Stereotypes are just misunderstood people.

Jamon Barrientos

Bullies become bullies because they got bullied.

Andy Vela

This work is important because so many people commit suicide.

Erick Romo

I am helpful and loyal because I will not leave a job in the middle of it. I keep going.
I do this for the kids who are not treated right.

Nicholas Cerneus

Hate is something that can take down the strongest people.

Afsaneh Fagherzadah

My job is to stand up for the people that can’t themselves.

Chanelle Huynh

You beat hate by accepting people’s differences.

Sabrina Lahli

Identity is the core of the earth but the stuff on the surface is a person. I am a complex weirdo who cries at fantasy. Underneath it all is a Pan ½ Puerto Rican Girl. Explaining identity defeats hate.

Kendel Banks

I accept the responsibility of stopping hate and spreading love.

Caleb Maez

I believe that everyone and everything deserve equality and respect

Danielle Martinson

I am powerful. I am driven. I am helpful. I am loved. I can make a change.
I do this for my sisters. It really hurts me to know they’re getting made fun of. I want to make a difference.

Isebella Gallegos

I am a person who can stop bullying by standing up.

Jayden Aguirre

Hate is when someone judges you and picks on you for no reason, you beat it by helping that person out and showing that you care.

Abria Hazard

When you see me, you should see me as just human but instead you see stereotypes like EMO or NERD or PSYCHO, which hurts.
I am a leader but more importantly I’m a human and I have feelings

Evan Hempel

People build up a wall trying not to show their real emotions; underneath it all is a kind person who wants to be loved.

Erin Matlock

I do this for my city, so there’s no more hate here and then I’ll spread the love throughout the states.

Ezran Rice

I believe that we can all stop bullying because I have seen some students stand up but, I want everyone to stand up.

Logan Tucker

When you see me, you know I can be your best friend I am sweet and helpful.
I do this for my community.

Hailey McDole

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