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The Notcracker

Marcella Nguyen & Payton Deeds | Contributors

At Rangeview High School, student creativity is taken to a completely new level when winter traditions meet the cultural complexity of our multifarious city. Students, Marcella Nguyen and Payton Deeds take us through the difference between the 1890’s quintessential ballet the The Nutcracker and the 2018 remix presented by Auroras finest, The Notcracker.

Nutcracker vs. Notcracker

Nutcracker: Imperial Mariinsky Theater, Saint Petersburg, 1892

Nutcracker: Style of dance: Ballet

Nutcracker: Is a 126 year old tradition

Nutcracker:  Act 1: Traditional Ballet Attire

Nutcracker: Act 1: Mother and Father with a son and daughter, Clara & Fritz

Nutcracker: Act 1: Herr Drosselmeyer

Nutcracker: Act 1: Snowflakes performed traditional ballet

Nutcracker: Act 2: Spanish ( Chocolate) – Ballet with hispanic inspired arm movements  

Nutcracker: Act 2: Arabian (Coffee) – Flexibility, partner work, Tricks  with Indian skirts

Nutcracker: Act 2: Russian ( Candy canes) – JUMPS

Nutcracker: Act 2: Mother Ginger: Traditionally Ballet, HUGE puppet (prop)

Nutcracker: Act 2: Polichinelles (Mother Ginger’s Children) – Ballet, Actual Children

Nutcracker: Act 2: Flowers – Ballet, with big beautiful dresses

Nutcracker: Act 2: Cavalier – Strong lead male role

Nutcracker: Act 2: Sugarplum – Pink or Purple Dress, All traditional Ballet, had a male partner, dainty and delicate

Nutcracker: Clara and Nutcracker typically casted white

Nutcracker: Classic  

Nutcracker: Perfected

Notcracker: Rangeview High School Theater, Aurora Colorado 2018

Notcracker: Styles of dance: Ballet, Jazz, Hip-hop, and Trendy dance moves

Notcracker: Newly born tradition

Notcracker: Act 1: Crazy Christmas socks and Christmas sweaters

Notcracker: Act 1: Two moms with two daughters, Clara & Marie

Notcracker: Act 1: Auntie D

Notcraker: Act 1: Snowflakes mixed Jazz and Hip-Hop

Notcracker: Act 2: Spanish (Chocolate) – Inspired by Mexican folk dancing, With Traditional mexican skirts

Notcracker: Act 2: Arabian (Coffee) – Controlled synchronization, Polynesian inspired motions

Notcracker: Act 2: Russia (Candy canes) – Traditional Russian Folk dancing

Notcracker: Act 2: Real Person, Hip-Hop,

Notcracker: Act 2: Polichinelles (Mother Ginger’s Children) – Hip-Hip, High Schools trying to live their childhood

Notcracker: Act 2: Flowers – Jazz with black tank tops and flowers in their hair

Notcracker: Act 2: Cavalier – Did not need one

Notcracker: Act 2: Sugarplum – BLACK, Jazz and Ballet mixture, Independant, Strong and Sassy

Notcracker: Clara and Nutcracker casted Mixed and Mexican

Notcracker: Unique

Notcracker: Raw

This is for:

Katie Termeer: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to live out a childhood dream and push us all to try something we have never done before, also thank you for putting your blood, sweat, tears, and money into this production. We love you!

Jacque Ryan: Thank you for supporting our dream and giving us the tools we needed to put ourselves on stage and tell a story. Thanks for all the candy!

Tammy Strouse: Thank you for supporting Katie and all her crazy fantasies!

James Dolmas: Thank you for building our sets and out beautiful sleigh, even if it gave us rope burn!

Jill Watkins: Thank you for putting up with the financial stress of a big production like this, and a big thank you or handling our large amount of amazon orders!

Taylor Snoddy: Thank you for having everyone’s back backstage!

Gabe Garyeazon: Thank you for helping our Christmas tree grow, even if it go to plan!

Savannah Gonzales:Thank you for stepping in last minute and being a wonderful dragon!

Kaitlyn Beverage: Thank you for our beautiful hand drawn program and putting in endless hours of hard work into this show and endless amounts of Starbucks runs for Katie!

Angelica Reyes: Thank you for being Kaite’s right hand woman!

Amanpreet Dhillon: Thank you for all of the amazing costume ideas witht the limited budget we had, and for being an amazing mouse queen!

Art Club: Thank you for helping build our mountain of sweets and painting our beautiful panels!

LULAC Club: Thank you for lending us your extravagant skirts!

Painting Cass: Thank you for spending your class time bringing so much color to our stage!

Technical Theater Class: Thanks for making sure we were not dancing to silence in the dark, you brightened up our lives!

Dance4Fit Volunteers: Thank you for opening the doors for our awesome audience!

Assistant Student Directors:Thank you for making our story line line-up and making all of our live make sense!

Assistant Choreographers: Thank you for taking a lot of the stress off of Kaite’s shoulders and bringing you sweet sweet moves to the dance floor!

Set Designers: Thank you for taking our ideas and making them reality!

Art Design: Thank you for bringing to our home, our enchanted winter wonderland, and out land of sweets to life!

Last but not least we thank dance for being our common ground, our love and our passion!

Rangeview High School Dance Dept. Presents the Notcracker – Part 1

Rangeview High School Dance Dept. Presents the Notcracker – Part 2

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